Strategic Direction2021-11-03T23:07:28+00:00

The NTRCA Statement of Strategic Intent outlines our vision, purpose, key result areas and approach to achieve best practice, collaboration, and research in residential care for children and young people. 


NTRCA is a national leader and advocate for best practice, collaboration, and research in residential care for children and young people. 


To ensure residential care is a valued element of out of home care, where children and young people feel safe, heal, and reach their full potential

NTRCA aims to  

be the key advocate for residential care to influence national policy and community awareness build strategic relationships with key partners and governments in Australia to develop improved outcomes provide opportunities to support the development and leadership of the residential care workforce    facilitate knowledge creation and development with a community of practice that shares research findings  innovations and models of service delivery  


NTRCA will address and leverage its four aims by focussing on the impacts and management of COVID 19 on the people with whom we work, our workforce, and our partners through a series of Webinars. The focus will be  

Devise and implement a Subscriber Program of activities/benefits  

3 Develop a digital platform to enable engagement and promotion of the work of the NRTCA