Since the establishment of the NTRCA in 2012 the Alliance has been successful in creating a practice community where therapeutic residential care is discussed and wisdom is shared amongst the leading providers in Australia. The NTRCA is very clear about what makes a viable and valued therapeutic residential care model, what works and what doesn’t work and what the standards should be. Members of the Alliance have individually published works and implemented successful programs for their institutions, organisations and in their jurisdictions. Given the breadth of knowledge, practice wisdom, passion and experience within the Alliance the time has come to become an outward facing organisation advancing therapeutic residential care in Australia and beyond.

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A commitment to promote the rights of service users to equitable resources, advocacy and outcomes that support human dignity and to activity work to remedy injustice and promote safety within the National practice community of TRC.


A commitment to creating a framework for hope where people and organisations are encouraged to create positive advancement of TRC by sharing our vision, developing future focus and operating within a shared goal of continuous improvement where ideas and practice evolve.


A commitment to harness the power of groups to share and build knowledge, ideas and resources. We pursue this through group and individual effort to form a strong community to advance the practice of TRC.


A commitment to creating an environment in which our words and actions are lived out in the pursuit of best practice in TRC which celebrates the value of ourselves and others.


A commitment to promote a spirit of generosity in the pursuit of best practice of TRC Nationally. We recognise that the competitive tendering environment for funding may create a conflict of interest amongst TRC Forum members and their respective organisations.

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